2024 Spring Registration

Registration for the Spring 2024 season is now open and will run to February 11, 2024 for ages 4-12. Registration for Teeners (ages 13-18) will run to March 1, 2024. All children who reside or attend school in the Mechanicsburg School District are eligible to play in our program.  A player’s playing age is determined by his age as of April 30, 2024.

The Ripken level program (ages 4-12) is structured as follows:

T-Ball/Quick Ball – 4 year olds. An introduction to the basics of the game of baseball. This level stresses fun while using tees and soft, squishy balls to ensure safety. No scores or standings.

Junior Pony – 5 and 6 year olds. More introduction to the game of baseball while continuing to stress having a positive and fun experience. Tees are used with an introduction to a moving pitch via coach pitch and pitching machines. No scores or standings.

Senior Pony – 7 and 8 year olds. Pitching machines are used but some kid pitching is introduced. Scores may be kept by teams but there are no standings. As always, the emphasis is on development and having fun. There is a season-end tournament.

Minors – 9 and 10 year olds. At this level, it is exclusively kid pitching on a 46/60 size field. While the emphasis remains on development and having fun, increased competition is introduced via scores, standings, and playoffs. A league champion is crowned.

Majors – 11 and 12 year olds. Kid pitching on a 50/70 size field. The 50/70 field is more ideal for this age than the antiquated smaller fields used by little leagues. At 50/70, the players learn to play real baseball including taking leads and pitchers learn to hold runners on. The 50/70 field is safer, fairer, and an overall better experience for today’s 12 and 11-year-olds. Scores and standings are kept and there are playoffs where a league champion is crowned.

The Teeners program (ages 13-18) is structured as follows:
Junior Teeners (13-14 year olds). This is typically for middle school attendees (7th and 8th grade). The teams play in the Greater West Shore Teener League’s Junior Teener National or American Divisions. Home games are held at either Fisher Park or Koser Park. The size of the playing field is 60/90.

Senior Teeners (15-18 year olds). This is typically for high school attendees (9th to 12th grade). The teams play in the Greater West Shore Teener League’s Senior Teener National or American Divisions, or the Central Penn Senior Teener Wood Bat League. Home games are held at either Fisher Park or Koser Park.  The size of the playing field is 60/90. NOTE: Only 18-year-olds who are still in high school are allowed to play at this level.

For more info about Teener, see our FAQ here.

Buddy Ball (ages 4-17). This is for special needs children. Full information can be found under the Buddy Ball link under the “Teams” tab above. Any questions can be directed to Pat Mowery at [email protected].

Registration Fees Per Player:

  • Tee Ball/Quick Ball ($55)
  • Jr. Pony ($65)
  • Sr. Pony ($75)
  • Minors ($85)
  • Majors ($90)
  • Teeners ($135)
  • Buddyball ($40)
There is a 25% discount for the 2nd and subsequent children (full price is paid for the oldest child).
In addition to the registration fee, each family is charged a $50 fundraising fee up front (not applicable to Buddyball and Teeners). Before the season, each family will be provided ten (10) $5.00 raffle tickets to sell.  When you sell the tickets, you submit the tickets to your team parent but keep the $50.00 collected, which equals the amount paid at registration.  UAMBA will never deny a child the opportunity to play baseball due to financial reasons. Families in financial need may submit a hardship application.

Please use the Contact Us button under the About Us tab if you have any further questions.  For our new parents at the TBall and Pony levels, check out our FAQ here. 

Please note that each family is required to take one concession stand shift per player during the season. This does not apply to Buddyball or Teeners.

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