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Upper Allen Mechanicsburg Baseball Association (UAMBA) offers Cal Ripken affiliated youth baseball for ages 4-12 and Teeners baseball for ages 13-18. UAMBA also offers our BuddyBall baseball program for children with special needs.  All children who live or attend school in the Mechanicsburg Area School District are eligible to play.

Our Board of Directors is committed to provide a positive environment for all UAMBA players regardless of age or ability. We ask our coaches and adult volunteers to act as role models and teachers. While we strive to develop our players' baseball skills and to produce competitive programs, these objectives are secondary to developing good sportsmanship, integrity, and the enjoyment of the game. We measure our success in terms of the number of players who return to play in our organization each year!

UAMBA is known for having some of the finest baseball facilities in the region. Our main fields at Fisher Park are served by lights and a sound system. The lights provide us with a unique advantage of extra games and practice time, and the kids love  the "night game" experience.

In addition to our regular spring baseball season, UAMBA provides opportunities for our players to participate in off season baseball clinics and camps, summer all-star tournaments, fall baseball leagues and travel baseball. Our all-star teams are among the most successful in the area capturing numerous local tournament championships, Ripken District championships, and Ripken State Championships.

UAMBA is known for its innovative approach. Our TBall level for ages 4-5 is a combination of TBall and "Quick Ball" designed for a fun, positive experience.  At the pony levels (ages 6-8), we use spring-loaded pitching machines as a successful alternative to "coach pitch." We introduce kids to pitching at ages 7-8 at our Senior Pony level which better prepares the players for the advanced levels.  The Minors level is all kids pitch and scores and standings are kept. Our Majors level program has led the way in the area to playing on a 50/70 size field rather than the antiquated small traditional size little league field. At 50/70, kids learn how to take leads, hold runners on, pitch out of the stretch, avoid balks, and other aspects of "real baseball." The 50/70 option is safer, more fair, and a more advanced form of baseball that better prepares the players for the next level. Most importantly, the kids of all skill levels love it!  Our Teeners program is baseball played on a full size 60/90 field.

Thanks to the ongoing support of our sponsors, parents, volunteers, Upper Allen Township and Mechanicsburg Borough, UAMBA has emerged as a leader in youth baseball in Central Pennsylvania. With our wonderful combination of committed players, community support, and volunteer spirit, our association will build upon the tradition of UAMBA for years to come.

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