UAMBA Board Meeting May 11, 2021

The next UAMBA board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 8:30 pm via Zoom. Use the contact us link to request the Zoom link for the meeting.

Opening Day Pictures

Opening Day was a home run!  Thank you to all of our volunteers and sponsors who helped make it a successful event.  Special thanks to our Opening Day Coordinator Stephanie Shirley for an awesome job organizing a memorable day for the kids.  We have some great pics posted at our Facebook page.


For information on how the virus spreads, please see the latest CDC information.  Please take a few minutes to review this information and explain to your children.  We require coaches who are around players to wear face covering.  If you identify a coach that is not adhering to our face covering policy, please politely say something to the team's manager.  If lack of compliance remains an issue, report the infraction to the Board by using the contact us page at our website.

Our COVID-19 safety protocols provides a list of symptoms of COVID-19 and when to stay home. Please review and make sure that you are self policing yourself and family members.  Remember that a reading over 100 degrees is an automatic NO PARTICIPATION in any baseball activity. 

If you or your child have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or awaiting test results, please isolate as per CDC guidelines and notify your team's Manager immediately and the UAMBA President Mike Bonini at coachbonini@gmail.com. 

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