Team Parents

Role of Team Parents

Team Parents play a critical role in supporting UAMBA and the team to which their player is assigned. The Team Parent helps organize the families for a successful season.

Areas of responsibility include:

  1. Distribute player picture information.
  2. Provide parents the link to sign up for a Concession Stand Shift
  3. Distribute and collect Raffle Tickets (Drawing of tickets will take place on Opening Day)
  4. Coordinate an end-of-season team party (if agreed upon by team).
  5. Encourage your families to follow us on social media.


Contact: Fundraiser Coordinator

Each family within UAMBA will be asked to sell one book of raffle tickets for our Fundraiser Campaign. Raffle ticket booklets were prepaid for during registration in the amount of $50. Each prepaid booklet will contain 10 raffle tickets, which will be sold for $5 per ticket, allowing for total reimbursement if all tickets are sold.

● Raffle tickets will be distributed to you at our Team Parent Meeting which will be announced.
● Ticket stubs should be returned to the Team Parent who will then turn in the ticket stubs to the Fundraiser Coordinator before Opening Day.

Harrisburg Senators Day

Contact: Fundraiser Coordinator

UAMBA Day at the Harrisburg Senators game is a great opportunity for families to enjoy a day at the ballpark. Players will have the opportunity to stand on the field during the National Anthem. Information will be provided to you to forward on to your team.

Picture Day Information

Contact: Picture Day Coordinator

  1. Distribute order forms. Pictures will be mailed directly to families.
  2. Note date, time and location of pictures on the order forms for parents.
  3. Remind parents of time and location prior to pictures (typically done through email).

Concessions Responsibilities

Contact: Concession Stand Coordinator

The concession stand is an integral part of our baseball association. It raises funds that allow us to continue to purchase equipment we otherwise simply couldn’t afford. All we ask for is for each parent to take a shift for every player that is registered within

Note: Parents are not required to take a shift for a player that participates at the Teeners level but they certainly do so if they are willing.

As a team parent, you just need to forward the following link to your team and remind them of responsibility to take a shift per child:

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