Private: Spring Registration

To be eligible for our youth levels (ages 4-18) baseball program for the 2022 Spring season, the player must reside within or attend school in the Mechanicsburg Area School District. Registration begins on December 1, 2021 and runs to February 6, 2022 for ages 4-12 and until February 28, 2022 for ages 13-18.

Our Playing Levels (playing age determined as of April 30, 2022):

  • Tee Ball/Quick Ball (4 year olds) – For the first time players learning the basics of the game. This level stresses FUN while using tees and soft, squishy balls to ensure SAFETY. “Quick Ball” is a fun variation of baseball designed to keep young kids moving and focused.
  • Junior Pony (5-6 year olds) – This level uses a combination of pitching machines, coach-pitch and tees. Emphasis is on learning the fundamentals of the game and having a fun, positive experience.
  • Senior Pony (7-8 year olds)  Kid pitching is introduced at this level and mixed with the use of pitching machines. While scores are kept, emphasis is still on development of skills and having a fun, positive experience.
  • Minors (9-10 year olds) – Kid pitching exclusively. Games are more competitive as scores and standings are kept and teams compete for the league championship. However, emphasis is still on player development and a positive experience.
  • Majors (11-12 year olds) – Play 50/70 baseball. Players learn real baseball taking leads, holding runners on, and pitching out of the stretch.
  • Teeners (13-18 year olds) – Competes in the Greater West Shore Teener League. 90’ bases and 60’6” pitching distance.
  • Buddyball (5-12 year olds) – Designed to foster confidence and self-esteem, make memories and have fun for children with special needs.

Registration Fees Per Player:

  • Tee Ball/Quick Ball ($50)
  • Jr. Pony ($60)
  • Sr. Pony ($65)
  • Minors ($70)
  • Majors ($75)
  • Teeners ($125)
  • Buddyball ($40)

There is a 25% discount for the 2nd child and 50% discount for 3rd and subsequent children (Full price is paid on the oldest child). Families in need may submit a hardship application. In addition to the registration fee, each family is charged a $50 fundraising fee (except Buddyball and Teeners). Before the season, each family will be given ten (10) $5.00 raffle tickets to sell. When you sell the tickets, you submit them to your team parent but keep the $50.00 collected, which equals the amount you paid at registration.

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